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Westpoint-Sustainable Community Development conducts research on social inclusion and the needs of the communities we serve. Social inclusion research is a significant factor in the development of our projects and requires policies that recognise the importance of societal levels of analysis and not simply the economic or individual indicators.

Social inclusion also referred to as social integration or social cohesion, represents a vision for a “society for all” in which every individual has rights, responsibilities and an active role to play. This is highly relevant to development work because it demands that research and policies reflect context-specific societal dimensions, as well as analysis of both individual and social factors.

In the context of deepening inequalities and widespread social exclusion, is the redeeming touch of the grass roots organisations. Westpoint Sustainable Community Development aims to be that bridge between the Somali and BAME communities in London and the ever evolving landscape and changes to society. This therefore requires that we comprehend both facets and reconcile them through our active involvement with the communities we serve.